How to make your Business and Workplace ATTRACTIVE and EDGY

By LBF2018 (other events)

Monday, November 5 2018 4:30 PM 6:30 PM

The people in your business are paramount to it's success and recognition locally, nationally and perhaps worldwide. To attract and retain good people that are engaged in your company`s mission are looking for a Motivated Progressive Employers that are secure and have a strategy that has a positive impact on society NOT just the bottom line. 

“78% of 18-24 year old would be more motivated and committed at work if they felt their employer had a positive impact on society” (Source- Global Tolerance Survey)

It is also evident that consumers are more likely to buy from you if your business, service and products are aligned to a positive social value, making your branding more attractive and instilling brand loyalty.

This Event will involve a presentation and collaborative networking. It will give you knowledge and education for innovative ways of how to become more aligned to a more corporate social cause and how you can improve and establish better ways of working in some areas highlighted for positive social impact in your local area - Leicestershire. For example,

  • Health and Wellness, Safety and Environmental measure for people to thrive in workplaces as this affects us all.

  • Environmental and Green Issues

  • Customer Service and Experience

  • Better Sustainable Manufacturing Practices and sourcing of materials

  • Progressive Retail and Town centres to include sustainable practices with food, hospitality Leisure Spaces for everyone including families and children.

We welcome key people from LOCAL businesses in private, public and voluntary sectors who want to understand this NEW model of future business and how it is proving to better all business practices and highlighting the need for better communities. This is also an incredible opportunity for Small to Medium Sized Enterprises.


Gareth Presch- Founder of World Health Innovation Summit and Global Speaker

Sanjaya Pandit – WHIS Lead Leicester, Speaker and Lifestyle Coach and Author  

        “The Future of Business will be aligned to Social Value” 

Mailing Address

Leicester Business Festival CIC, Friars Mill, Bath Lane, Leicester. LE35BJ