How Stress Impacts Your Bottom Line – Learn to build Resilience

By LBF2018 (other events)

Monday, November 5 2018 1:30 PM 4:00 PM

Would you like work to be a place where you grow and thrive and not just exist and survive? Our mission is to optimise the wellbeing of individuals and enhance organisational health & performance.  The following statistics don’t lie. These are qualified facts - In Stress Management: 96% of senior leaders feel burned out - Harvard Medical School 2013. In Work/Life Balance: 526,000 workers suffering from work related stress (2017 HSE). In Leadership: 73% of workers not engaged (ERC)

Whilst more organisations are waking up to a more robust health and wellness culture within workplaces, we are still a long way away from engagement in hearts and minds and more needs to done. The benefits of happier, healthier people in your organisation are critical to you as a business. 

As we get ready to launch WHIS (World Health Innovation Summit) Leicester in early 2019, we wanted to offer local businesses as part of the Leicester Business Festival a WHIS at Work Workshop. 

WHIS has created a signature, Stress and Resilience Awareness workshop to raise awareness of stress and resilience in the workplace. 

Key benefits of this workshop 

  • Understand what stress is and how it can impact on your well- being and personal effectiveness

  • Provide an insight into how the mind works and how you can apply this knowledge and understanding to be more productive in the workplace.

  • Identify and recognise the physical, mental and behavioural signs of personal stress

  • Learn practical skills for managing stress in the workplace 

  • Provides tools for building resilience 

Please note that this is generally a full day`s workshop and you will experience a condensed version as an introduction with some aspects as below

This workshop is for business owners of any size from private, public and voluntary sectors and their staff, senior executives, managers and teams

This workshop with be co-delivered by Daksha Patel- WHIS at Work Lead and Sanjaya Pandit- WHIS Leicester Lead and Lifestyle and Wellness Coach 

Mailing Address

Leicester Business Festival CIC, Friars Mill, Bath Lane, Leicester. LE35BJ