Better Photography for Your Business

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Friday, November 9 2018 10:00 AM 12:00 PM GMT

Photographs can tell your story and communicate your marketing message instantly - often faster than the written word. If you’re a business owner or marketing professional we’ll show you why - and how - great photos, on your website, printed marketing materials and social media, can give you the edge over your competitors. Learn why just ‘good enough’ can harm your business and how, sometimes, stock photography can limit, rather than enhance your message.

We’ll talk you through what makes a great image, how to set up the best possible shot and give you some simple editing tips for product, people and PR photography, including cropping, black and white conversion, colour balance and sharpening. We’ll include a kit list and some recommendations for software and will give you plenty of opportunity to ask questions.

After this session you should have all the tools you need to help you make some decisive choices about the photography you’re using for your business and know how to make the changes necessary to ensure your images work for you to tell your story and promote your business.

Northlight Images are a commercial photography and training business and as well as taking photos for architectural and industrial businesses, our photographer - and your speaker - Keith Cooper, regularly teaches companies, professional organisations and photography enthusiasts how to take, edit and print better photos.

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